Standard and Custom Design Tank Trailers

Aluminum Pneumatic Dry Bulk
130-140 BBL Steel Vacuum
150 BBL Aluminum Vacuum
Steel End Dump Trailer 25,000 LB

QuoteDealers and customers alike have trusted Southern Welding for their trailer needs for over 20 years. No other manufacturer offers more trailer for your money. You‘ll enjoy the security of superior engineering and a long list of terrific features. Put your trust in a trailer manufacturer that knows about getting the job done.

Our Customers Love Our Trailers Because they're
Affordable, Durable, Safe and look GREAT ...


    Heavy gauge low carbon, alloyed steel is used to absorb flex and help prevent trailer twist & steel fatigue. Frames are MIG welded upside down for better weld penetration and trailer stability


    Our frames are engineered for strength and stability by using framing fixtures to ensure maximum symmetry and proper alignment ensuring proper towing, even tire wear and less bearing strain


    Southern Welding Trailers have a smooth, protective, corrosion resistant finish that rivals automotive paint finishes


    All trailers include two braking systems, hydraulic and electric brakes, for a fail-safe back-up system