Standard and Custom Design Tank Trailers.



Heavy gauge low carbon, alloyed steel is used to absorb flex and help prevent trailer twist & steel fatigue. Frames are MIG welded upside down for better weld penetration and trailer stability.


Trailers by Southern has a smooth, protective, corrosion resistant finish that rivals automotive paint finishes.


Our frames are engineered for strength and stability by using framing fixtures to ensure maximum symmetry and proper alignment ensuring proper towing, even tire wear and less bearing strain.


All trailers include two braking systems, hydraulic and electric brakes, for a fail-safe back-up system.

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Trailers by Southern is setting the standard for high quality, durable Pneumatic Dry Bulk and Vacuum trailers. Our dry bulk trailers are used to haul cement, frac-sand, flour, lime, fertilizer, and plastics. Vacuum Trailers are used to haul clean water and production water to and from the well site. We spare no expense when it comes down to engineering a durable trailer that withstands the harshest conditions trailers endure. We use state of the art equipment and only the highest quality aluminum and steel to build our trailers. With over 50 years experience of fabricating and welding Trailers by Southern has the knowledge and expertise to provide the highest quality product on the market, all backed with an excellent warranty and responsive customer service. Trailers by Southern are built to last.

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Leading the industry in aluminum and steel welding fabrication and custom trailers.


  • Heavy Duty For Sand Hauls
  • Ultra-Light For Cement
  • Food Grade Option
  • 1,000 CU FT to 1,600 CU FT Models

130 – 140 BBL Steel Vacuum

  • Build For Heavy Duty Jobs
  • Durable, All Steel, Galvanized Construction

150 BBL Aluminum Vacuum

  • Light Weight, Fuel Saving Aluminum Tank
  • Durable, Heavy Duty Galvanized Frame

Lowpro Steel Vacuum

  • Build For Heavy Duty Jobs
  • Durable, All Steel, Galvanized Construction

FRAC Sand Chassis

  • All frac sand containers (Arrows Up, Prop X, Halliburton)
  • 40’ front to bumper
  • 102” fender to fender


1000 Gallon Trailer Mounted Vacuum System

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